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Solo Mode Rules Update for a Fairer Fight!

Greetings, ATW Champions!

We've been in the Gorilla Position, listening to your cheers and heeding your invaluable feedback on All Time Wrestling. Your passion for the game drives us to continually refine and enhance the ATW experience.

Now, as we gear up for the 2nd edition, we're also extending a helping hand to our existing champions out there in the territories. We've concocted a set of optional rules to level the playing field, ensuring every battle is a fair and thrilling contest.

1. Cap on NPC Blocking: //NPC Block// is no longer an ongoing ability but a finite ability.

During Setup, place the corresponding number of cubes on the //NPC Block// card:

  • Easy: Place 2 tokens.

  • Medium: Place 3 tokens.

  • Hard: Place 4 tokens.

2. Negating NPC Block:

  • Easy Difficulty: Rolling a 5 or 6 on either die automatically negates the NPC Block symbol. Your attack is successful.

  • Medium or Hard Difficulty: Rolling a 6 on your attack roll, automatically ignores the NPC Block symbol.  Your attack is successful.

3. Resolving NPC Blocks:

Spend an NPC blocking token for every successful NPC Block.

When the tokens are depleted, the NPC can no longer block your damage 1 and 2 attacks.

So grab your boards, and let the games continue!

Wrestling on!

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