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Customize Your Wrestler's Deck: Deck Construction Rules

In our latest releases, ATW: All or Nothing (2nd Edition) and ATW: Extreme, you might have noticed that wrestlers do not come with pre-packed decks but rather with pre-constructed decks that you put together with many cards coming from a generic pool of card. This was done to allow more customization and easier inclusion of future characters in the game. Also, this new deck construction option offers players the flexibility to tailor their decks to their preferred playstyles and strategies.

To ensure a fair and balanced gameplay experience, we've established some guidelines for deck construction.

Start with the wrestler's deck as provided on their profile card back, then swap out any cards you want, following the rules below.

  1. Maintain Attack Card Number: Ensure you maintain the same number of attack cards in your deck while making changes.

  2. Signature and Finisher Cards: Your deck can include a maximum of 4 Signature cards and 1 Finisher card.

  3. Taunt and Recovery Icons: Your deck should not contain more than 7 Taunt and Recovery icons combined.

  4. Rampage Attacks: Limit the number of Rampage attacks in your deck to a maximum of 3.

  5. Combo Icons: Include a minimum of 2 cards in your deck that do not have any Combo icons.

Additionally, each wrestler may have specific deck requirements tailored to their unique characteristics. At the moment only one exists:

  • Rob Van Dam's deck may not have more than 7 Aerial attack cards, with no more than 4 having a Target Number of 3 or less.

These rules are designed to ensure fair play and maintain game balance while providing players with the freedom to customize their decks according to their preferences. Whether you prefer a high-flying aerial assault, technical or brawler strategy, there's ample room for creativity within these guidelines allowing you to customize the wrestlers to their styles throughout the years, or make up your own entirely!

We're excited to see the diverse decks that players will create and the innovative strategies they'll employ on the mat. So please share them with is on our Facebook Group: Link.

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