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Ring the Bell! Fulfillment Completed.

We’re glad to announce that the campaign has been (for the most part) completely fulfilled, ahead of schedule and with minimal issues.

We’re excited to hear your experience about the game, here is how you can do that:

- Submit your opinion, and photos of the game on Board Game Geek

- Submit your solo campaign score on our website

We will have a leaderboard on the website for all the scores, we will try our best to curate/moderate this leaderboard. However, there needs to be an honor system, and we trust you will be submitting true scores.

Some of you might have received your packages before the shipping notification email. That’s how fast our couriers were going to get you the game! 😂

Some packages in the US might still be in the process of being delivered (last mile delivery), so if you have not received your package or your tracking info, please DM us. We have the tracking information for all the packages in wave 1. We can give you the tracking number to follow up with the courier.

We’re currently putting together wave 2, which includes the games of the backers who missed the Pledge Manager. There are still exactly 9 backers we have yet to hear back from for the shipping info and fees. We’ve tried reaching them via multiple channels (DMs, Emails), if you happen to read this update and are confused as to what “Pledge Manager” or “Gamefound” is. You might be one of the 9, so please reach out to us via DM or by emailing :jad (at) cationarts (dot) com

Lastly, if you are interested in engaging with other ATW backers, and learn about our upcoming Extreme Expansion, you can join our Facebook Group. You can also join the Unofficial Discord Channel started by Legendary Backer Michael "The Living Weapon" Deans, where he organizes games via video calls!

Happy Gaming!

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